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We have made searching for your ideal UK credit card online as simple as possible.
The UK credit cards have been separated into a number of simple categories so that you don’t have to search through a long list of online UK credit cards before you find the ideal credit card for you.
Our most Popular credit cards are featured on this page.

Whether you’re simply looking for general credit card information, looking for credit cards for people with bad credit, low interest rate credit cards (low APR), Credit cards that offer cashback or just a standard UK credit card, we believe you’ll find the UK credit card for you.

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Credit cards for people with bad credit can be considered as being slightly special as there are fewer of them on offer. Furthermore, as well as a selection of UK Platinum credit cards and UK Gold credit cards we also have pages for sports enthusiasts that feature football credit cards.

Your position may be one in which you are paying too much interest due to the rate of your current credit card. Many credit card providers now offer facilities for you to transfer your balances to a card that has a 0% introductory rate for a few months in order to help you pay off debts outstanding without being charged interest. After the period expires you will be charged the standard APR set by the credit card provider. Some card providers have low balance transfer rates for the life of the card as an alternative to an introductory 0%.

Top UK credit card providers are featured throughout the site starting with our featured online credit cards, which often include cards from Accucard, Lloyds TSB, MoreThan, Virgin, Citi Platinum and Goldfish. Other top British credit cards found on the site are provided by Barclays, Bank of Scotland, EasyMoney, Marbles, American Express, Citi Bank and GM Platinum card.

Whatever you need your new credit card for you are sure to find it here at Tops 4 Credit Cards.

Up to 52 days' interest free credit
0% on Balance Transfers for first 6 months.
14.9% APR (variable).
What are some of the benefits?  

You can choose what your marbles card looks like.
No annual fee, and up to 52 days interest-free credit on purchases (but not on balances you switch over or cash advances).
You can manage your account online.

We have designed and invested in one of the safest and most secure credit card systems around.

From 0% APR on Balance Transfers for 9 months.
From 15.9% APR on card purchases.
No annual fee.
Free 24 hour helpline.
What are some of the benefits?  

Your Virgin Card is your backstage pass to an exclusive online Members Shop stuffed with great Virgin money-off deals. Here's where you'll find the deals everyone else would love to get their hands on, from holidays and cases of orgasmic plonk to CDs, DVDs, books, cosmetics and the hottest mobiles in town.
If you've chosen a card set-up with reward points, every £1 you spend on things like groceries and petrol will earn you a point to spend on exciting stuff in the shop.

No annual fee.
Earn up to 10% cash back on purchases.
24 hours a day online account management.
14.9% APR (variable).
What are some of the benefits?  

If you're worried about shopping online, don't be. The Egg Card comes with its own Internet guarantee.
Your Egg Card automatically gives you free purchase in transit protection for items costing more than £25.
Pay for all or part of your fare using your Egg Card and you'll have the benefit of free personal travel accident insurance.
Egg Card customers get a 10% discount on our home and travel insurance polices when they pay with their Egg Card.

GM Platinum
GM Platinum
14.9% APR (variable)
0% per annum on balance transfers and purchases for 5 months
Online account management
What are some of the benefits?  

Apply for The GM Platinum Card and you'll receive 100 free Rebate Points the first time you use it. That's worth £100 off a new Vauxhall straight away! It's just the start of a reward scheme that makes The GM Platinum Card more fun than other credit cards. You can apply for a decision in just 60 seconds.

You could save up to £2000 on selected Vauxhal models.

Know which credit card you want? You choose!